The first game back


After a few false starts, TOAO's once again are battling it out in the Age of Kings. Random teams give us this matchup of Wartz, Gladitor (Myll) and Cyrus vs 1nsane, Nai and Theresa on Migration. Nai gets his team ahead early hitting cyrus with war galleys but Gladiator and Wartz are up to the task and mount a defence with co-ordinated fireships and galleys. Wartz lands on the mainland and does a heavy boom, but has trouble handling Nai's eagle warriors and pikemen comabined with 1nsanes archers. Gladiator makes his move and begins pushing 1nsane off the mainland while Wartz stalls out Nai a little. The killing blow is struck when Cyrus and Wartz send their fleets around the east side of the mainland and strike at Nai's economy with War Galleys. Theresa holds on a little while longer but the game is already over.



Soon, once again there will be crappy recs to download and watch. I'm also digging up my old recorded game archive. Stay tuned!